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Summer Skincare for Sensitive Skin

The lazy girl's guide to skincare. My current go to summer skincare routine.

summer skincare routine for sensitive skin

As much as I enjoy watching all the get ready and unready with me videos, there is noooo way my own routine can have so many steps. So here is the lazy girl’s summer skincare routine for sensitive skin.

❇️Cleanser: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser - I really don’t think I need to say anything about this.

❇️Moisturiser: Bioderma Sebium Hydra is truly lightweight and soothing.

❇️Sunblock: Currently using this one from PHOTON. Need to plan for sunscreen in my monthly budget given the amount I end up using. Does anyone else feel like this?

❇️Body: Fcl Skincare Oatsilk body lotion and Oatskilk soap free body wash (not in the video). It is a challenge for me to find things that don’t irritate my skin. This set happens to be a rare find.

❇️ #SundaySelfcare once a week that too if I remember: @isclinical_india smooth & soothe treatment with an exfoliating masque and a cooling masque.

Please ask your dermatologist before using any of the products.



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