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Kei- The 'Unlined' and 'Deconstructed' jacket from CANALI


For the last 77 years Canali has been creating menswear with perfection and their the Kei Jacket is no exception. The Italian luxury brand has created an an unlined and deconstructed jacket which it is super light and just right for the crazy summer.  

The Kei jacket was introduced by Canali 7 years ago maintaining the fit and elegance of a traditional jacket while being light and warm weather ready. The Kei collection is also ideal for travel given the specially developed fabrics prevent it from wrinkling. Depending on what you wear it with the Kei jacket can be both formal and sporty. The Spring/Summer 2012 Kei jackets bear a crest on the under collar, so you can prop up that collar for a little twist. :-)   




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