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Online Shopping Convert

I have to say I was always one of those people who were very skeptical of buying things online. It won't fit... What if it doesn't look like the picture blah blah blah. Recently, I decided to take the plunge and boy am I unstoppable. Here are my top 3 websites that ship to India. Happy Shopping :-)


The great thing about this website is that they let you see the prices in Rupees (so you don't have to sit with the calculator) and let you track your orders on their website itself. The products all arrive well wrapped in saks fith avenue packaging. Shop the sale section for fabulous deals and the shipping charges won't hurt. 



A mail forwarding website that allows you to shop all American brands. Myus.com creates a U.S. address that allows you to purchase from any website and ship product to the U.S. address that they provide. Myus.com then ships the product from their end to you in India. 



I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter and making avail of their online shopping offers. Apart from their free shipping codes all other offers are valid on international shipping. For an extra 20$ your package arrives within 4 days to India. 



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