What Kind Of Bride Are You?

This month at Lakme School of Style, is all about weddings. Each girl wants her wedding to be a reflection of herself and each girl is truly unique. Watch this video to find out what kind of bride you were or will be one day... And no I am not talking about the Bridezilla kind :-) 


Jeffrey Archer | Mightier Than The Sword Review

I really enjoy reading books, but don't really know too many people who enjoy reading as well. Thought I'd share fun bits about books I have been reading with you in a new playlist on my YouTube Channel called Book Club. 

I am starting the reviews with one of my favourite authors, Jeffrey Archer. I'd love to know what you thought of this book or even any suggestions on which book I should read next. Please do leave your comments in the section below. :-)

How To Wear A Printed Maxi Dress? | Summer Essentials

How To Wear A Printed Maxi Dress? | Summer Essentials

No summer wardrobe can be complete without the addition of the printed maxi dresses. You can style this simple garment to suit your style and here is how I like to wear my maxi dresses. 

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