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Discover Exciting Bag Brands

All set to jet off to Europe for the summer? I am sure you have Goyard and Prada on your list, but when you are done with your usual haunts, head over to Paris for my favorite kind of exploration.

I would suggest you start with Polène. The bags have unique structural shapes with impeccable finishing. They are young and fun, available in some beautiful muted tones.

My personal favorite is the Numéro Huit, a super cute bucket bag. I would suggest getting the textured leather version.

Next stop is Fleuron, which I particularly love for the Swann bag. The colors of the mini version are so much fun, you won't be happy with just one. The pieces are elegant and ladylike. Online reviews are unanimous in their praise for the quality.

Once you check out both these brands (and see the price - range) trust me you will thank me.

Last on my list, is something for people who enjoy things with a bit of history. Joseph Duclos, a brand from 1974 revived by Ramesh Nair (of Hermès and Moynat fame). There is a timeless beauty to the bags from the Diane Collection in particular. Adorned with an elegant clasp yet so simple.



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