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Gucci Sustainable Soles


It seems like I have got the rains with me from Bombay to Delhi...

Its raining like crazy but that doesn't mean we need to resort to wearing ugly footwear... I highly recommend the Gucci bio-plastic ballerina flats to continue looking fabulous in rains. Gucci these ballerinas in a wide range of colors. Their interlocking G detail, cutout sides and front along with rubber soles make them a cute and weather friendly option for the unpredictable rains.  

With these Sustainable Soles Gucci continues its commitment towards saving the environment. Bio plastic is a biodegradable material in compost used as an alternative to petrochemical plastic.  "Successfully tested in laboratories and certified by the main European international standard: UNI EN 13432 and ISO 17088, this eco-aware material follows a shorter degradation process compared to traditional industrial plastic, without leaving any waste or environmental impact." 

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