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#Packing For Argentina & Brazil ~ Timberland Yellow Boot

PHOTO CREDIT: Timberland

So I went from store to store to store to store... looking for a rugged pair for shoes for my upcoming Holiday. I prefer to travel light and wanted a pair of shoes that would work in the city, on the glaciers, in the snow and in the forest. I really should have just gone to Timberland first cause I had a feeling I wasn't going to find something quite like this anywhere else. 

Made ever so popular by rappers and pop royalty this shoe has been around for over 40 years. It is easily one of the most recognisable footwear classics. Believe it or not, it is made up of 39 different components and its construction involves 80 different steps.

Anyhoo, I am super happy with my buy. I am plan on wearing it with my puffy jacket and denims in the glaciers of Patagonia and then with a pair of shorts and a tank in the Amazon rainforest... So excited!!! 

#Packing For Argentina ~ Burberry Quilted Jacket

Sale ~ Le Mill