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Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 Grand Finale - Kallol Dutta 1955

PHOTO CREDIT: Lakme Fashion Week

All the hoopla ended last evening with the Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 Grand Finale. I have been running around like mad and have enjoyed every second of it. Hey, which girl wouldn't want to spend her days starring at beautiful clothes.

The much hyped Grand Finale was a celebration of the latest Lakmé Absolute Monochrome makeup line featuring designers Kallol Dutta as well as Pankaj & Nidhi. The event took place at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai. The hotel Ballroom was decorated with yards of white tulle on the walls. Three abstract glass frames were suspended from the ceiling and the backdrop was made of steel squares that revolved to reveal gleaming mirrors as the show commenced.

Kallol Datta 1955 presented fifteen looks in four print stories called “Cuts." The ensembles consisted of strong separated with a total of 54 pieces that can be mixed and matched with ease.  The collection highlighted the designers technical construction expertise when working with wool, silk, leather and cotton.

I particularly like kitsch prints as I think they lend a lot of character to the garment. Kallol Dutta played with faces, snails, mating or abstract safety pins prints to add an element of humour in his pieces. Kareena Kapoor closed the show with a black and white snail print hoodie tunic worn over a black body suit.

Reiterating the importance of the occasion, Kallol Datta said, “For a designer like me, doing the Lakmé Grand Finale was very intimidating. It was also a huge jump from doing regular shows to doing such a big finale for Lakmé. But I’ll have to say that the Lakmé team have handled me through most of the stages and working with them was a fantastic experience. As for Kareena wearing my designs, she has a fabulous body and can carry off pretty much any look. But I’ve never seen her in something like what I would normally make. So it was an added bonus for me to see someone who is known for her style aesthetic, to wear something this different and carry it off so well.”

PHOTO CREDIT: Lakme Fashion WeekPHOTO CREDIT: Lakme Fashion Week

Sonam Kapoor in Surendri by Yogesh Chaudhary

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