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John Abraham ~ Torn, Ripped & Worn Out


John Abraham lives in his jeans, we all know that but I am so glad to see he ditched the flip-flops when he stepped out to launch the new Philips Bodygroom. I am pretty sure he is wearing the Tod's Ankle Boat Shoes in grey, with ripped jeans and a Philips promotional tee. 

Men seem to be addicted to their jeans and practically live in them. Ripped jeans add an edgy, worn out, and rough character to the wardrobe. Acid washed, ripped jeans are quite trendy. For men worn out jeans are best either straight or baggy and work well with a fitted t-shirt. 

The ripped jeans are a rock-star look that caught the imagination of the youngsters in the 80s. Leading boutiques carry ripped jeans but a lot of people enjoy creating them on their own. Take a pair of old jeans and get creative with a pair of scissors. 



John Abraham, Bollywood actor and Philips Male Grooming brand ambassador spoke on male grooming at the event. He stated, “Inspired by celebrities to a large extent and with increasing consciousness about personal grooming and hygiene, men today want to look their best even when bare bodied. Keeping this trend in mind, Philips Bodygroom is just the product that can help them feel confident and desirable.  Also, since it is extremely skin-friendly, one no longer needs to worry about nicks or cuts, and can just enjoy the feeling of being completely well-groomed.”


PHOTO CREDIT: www.tods.comTod's Ankle Boat Shoes

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