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Forest Essentials Goodies For Your Sister

PHOTO CREDIT: Forest Essentials

Gifties for sisters, I always feel are much easier to find... Forest Essentials has got some beautifully packaged gift hampers that smell divine... Take a look..

Moisture Drenching Hand & Body Lotion Mysore Sandalwood & Vetiver : 200 ml

firming | satin finish 

The deep smoky undertone of Vetiver with lush Mysore Sandalwood is has a heady sensual fragrance. This body lotion uses burnt Cane Sugar , a humectant which attracts and seals moisture into the skin.


Body Massage Oil  Sandalwood & Vetiver : 200 ml

sensual | toning

Cold-pressed unrefined Black Sesam, Wheatgerm and Rice Bran oils infused with Ashwagandha , Haritaki and Guggul Ayurvedic herbs and Mysore Sandalwood and Vetiver essential oils.


Silkening Shower Wash Mysore Sandalwood & Vetiver : 200 ml

scented soft skin| polished sheen 

Infused with the sensual fragrance of Mysore Sandalwood and fresh Vetiver grass. Leaves the skin smooth and silken.

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