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Who wore it best?... Bappa & Taneesha Reception

You spot the "latkan" on the dupata and you know its a Manish Malhotra immediately. The color of the lehenga is beautiful and Shradha Kapoor looks lovely in it. Really like the braided hair just wish she had left the end of the plait messy and not folded in. 

Kajol also opted for a braid like hers much more than Sharadha Kapoor. She is wearing a blue, purple and gold anarkali with polki earrings. 

Amitabh Bachchan was the best dressed of the night for me for his navy velvet jacket and printed silk purple pocket square. Kudos to the star for showing how the velvet jacket should be done. 

Riya Sen in a red and black ensemble

Bride and Groom in traditional attire with Asha Bhosle. The veteran singer was spotted with pink roses in her hair thought that was super cute. 

Kiran Rao also went for a traditional look; surprising everyone with something completely different again. 

Rani Mukerjee also opted for a traditional white sari. Although the look isn't something I'd like to try, its works really well on her. The jewelry is beautiful. :-)

Harsh Verma, the bride's brother opted for a nice shawal collar jacket with contrasting satin lapels only wish he would have worn formal lace-up shoes as opposed to loafers. 

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