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Discover Sailing


I had my first sailing lesson yesterday :-) and no it was not your Real Housewives of New York yachting experience. Learning to sail a sporty 25 foot yacht is quite exhilarating and if you don't go prepared forget the glamorous housewives you will end up looking like the contestants of Survivor India.

Sunscreen, Sunscreen and more Sunscreen... apply and reapply. You are required to move around the boat quite a bit so the correct footwear is very important. For the guys this is the best opportunity to wear the very cool boat shoes. I love the colorful boat shoes at Paul Smith and Etro. For the ladies, I would advise against flip flops or any shoes that are open from the back. Flat shoes with rubber soles and ankle straps are suitable. Linen shorts, comfy cotton tees, sunglasses, a cap and you're all set. 

I've enrolled with Aquasail India for these classes, they sail out of the Gateway of India harbour in Mumbai. Learning in a group of three, we had a Royal Yachting Association instructor from the U.K. Needless to say the first lesson was a lot of technical jargon peppered with British humour. Super excited to learn something new. At the completion of the course I will receive a competency letter that qualifies me to take out the sail boat by myself. I am really looking forward to taking friends and family out in the sea :-)))




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