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Love em, Hate em, You can't ignore them

PHOTO CREDIT: eonline.com

Can't believe I am admitting to watching Keeping with the Kardashians (ooopsy) but Kourtney's babydaddy sure can dress well. Family feuds, drunken brawls and a mystery job aside Scott Disick sure knows how to clean up good.

PHOTO CREDIT: eonline.comHow many guys have you seen wearing a baby pink linen suit with a peach contrast collar shirt, an orange dotted tie and a pink pocket square?

PHOTO CREDIT: eonline.comColor blocking with the green stripped jacket and blue pants.

PHOTO CREDIT: eonline.comOne of my favourite looks. Smokey blue checked suit, paisley print tie, white shirt, dotted grey scarf and suede navy tassel loafers. 

PHOTO CREDIT: eonline.comLove how he wears contrasting patterns - checks, strippes and prints all in one look. The colors blue, grey and brown also work really well together. 



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