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How to wear your mom's wedding lehenga?

How to wear your mom's wedding lehenga?


34 years apart!!!! I have been looking and looking for a pic of my mum from her Baraat and finally found it this morning!!! It was the most surreal feeling wearing an outfit from her wedding. I wore this to my cousin sister’s wedding last December (I got married in May so there was no way to wear this at any of my own wedding functions).

The lehenga is pure silk with all hand embroidered zardiozi. My mom had stored it in its original packaging and it’s in perfect condition. To avoid looking like a bride and to give it an update, I paired it with a contrasting two-tone silk navy blue blouse (original blouse is red) Added the same navy blue silk as a trim on the dupatta. To give it a more “today” shape wore it with a CAN-CAN inside. I am not used to wearing such heavy and ornate clothes (and this probably weighs more than me), but felt like a complete princess in mommy’s lehenga.

Probably the most treasured piece in my closet. I also have my mom’s salwar-Kareez that she wore on her wedding day (anand Karaj). Still waiting for an chance to wear that!!

Quick tips to on how to wear your mom's wedding lehenga?

  • An updated blouse: Get a modern stylised piece (also by getting a new one made, you can keep the original as it is)
  • A plain dupatta: change the dupatta to a plain one with a beautiful border. 
  • Tone down the jewellery: given that this is a piece she wore for one of her wedding functions, it is bound to be very ornate, so go easy on jewellery. 
  • Change the silhouette: by adding a CAN-CAN, you can completely change the look of the outfit
  • Add a contrasting colour: With either the dupatta or the blouse, add another colour into the mix. I opted for navy blue as that is a colour most brides would not wear. 
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