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Why Kala Ghoda Is An Art Lover's Dream #FindYourSpace

Why Kala Ghoda Is An Art Lover's Dream #FindYourSpace

I have been living in Mumbai for over four years now and have made it a point to visit the Kala Ghoda Art Festival (KGAF) each year. Yesterday I spent my day walking through this cornucopia of visual art, theatre, music, literature, food, urban design, handicrafts and Mumbai's janta. If you are an art lover like me; you too shall return home inspired. 

The festival dates from the 6th to the 14th of February and is a must see if you are in the city. You don't need to be an art aficionado to enjoy and appreciate the numerous works on display. There is something here for everyone and although it was quite difficult, I have got a shortlist here of the festival highlights: 

Textile Mural

As a fashion enthusiast, I naturally gravitated towards installations created by SPACES Home & Beyond. The home furnishings brand has transformed textiles into works of art that are a visual treat. 

This Textile Mural is the first thing you see as you enter the street mela. It is reflective of the natural world around us and sets the theme for the other art works by Spaces that you will see at the exhibition. 

SPACES Creative Sanctuary

This was the most crowded spot at the festival. It was near impossible to get a good picture because the whole world was waiting to get a selfie with the SPACES Cocoons (if you saw my snapchat you know what I am talking about). A physical metaphor for a home, the Cocoons have been created using really beautiful fabrics from the SPACES collection. Also, don't miss the enchanting Cocoon lamps that are hanging from the trees. You can spot them from afar and they look stunning once lit up at night. 

SPACES Tree Arch Art

Another spectacle of the SPACES fabrics; where the birds, tree trunk, flowers and leaves have all been created using textiles and innovative techniques. The birds were my absolute favourite! 

Collaborative Art Wall ~ Pixel Dialogues

Another highlight was the interactive Wall of Expressions. You can create memories by leaving a message on a piece of fabric that is a colour chip of actual bedspreads from the brand SPACES. The result was a vibrant juxtaposition of colours and prints. 

Tower of Babel '16

As the name suggests the Tower of Babel '16 was a towering structure. It is the modern day interpretation of artists Swaroop Biswas and Ami Patel of the mythological tower mentioned in the Bible. I found it intriguing for the expression of individualism depicted in the different masks. 

Flavour of Mumbai with Cutting Chai & Without Borders

A visit to this festival cannot be complete without getting a taste of Mumbai. I loved the bright cutting chai installation that had been suspended from a tree. Additionally, you can't miss the kitschy auto rickshaw models part of the Without Borders project. 

Metal Mania

Art created by damaged and often discarded materials is always fascinating. There are several such pieces that can be seen all around the staging area. The ones that stood out the most to be were Coexistence in Boundless Frontiers, The Warrior and Let's Talk. 

Overall, I had an amazing experience and highly recommend you visit the Kala Ghoda Art Festival. 

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