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Gillette Venus Product Review + My Top Tips For Shaving

Gillette Venus Product Review + My Top Tips For Shaving

As you all know I took up the #SubscribeToSmooth challenge last month with the Gillette Venus. As a rule for my blog, I always wait for at least one month before sharing my review on a beauty/skincare product and I have treated the Gillette Venus razor as the same.

With so many apprehensions associated with shaving, I felt it was important to use to the product for several weeks before I could truly pass any kind of judgement on all the myths.

I live in shorts so I ended up shaving two times a week. I have now been using the Gillette Venus for six weeks and I am happy to share that there has been no disoloration on my skin, my hair isn’t thicker nor has it started growing faster. 

I found shaving to be quite a practical hair removal method specially for my hectic lifestyle. My husband sprung a surprise on my by taking me to Goa for a weekend and had I been waxing I would have been going mad last minute trying to have smooth legs for my beach vacay. 

I also spent the last couple of weeks in New York . Usually if I would take a long holiday, I would be wearing my shorts in the beginning of the trip and then switch to jeans because of obvious reasons. Once again, shaving proved to be quite a practial option, as it is something you can do yourself even when you travel.

If you are someone like me, who is constantly on the go, I would highly recommend you give shaving a try and based on my experience here are my top tips for shaving:

1. Shaving Foam Is A Must

Always, always shave with the shaving foam. I have noticed that it makes a big difference. Not just with the shaving process but with how it leaves my skin feeling in the end.  It also saves you from getting any cuts. Plus I find it easy to keep a track of which part of my legs are done and which are left. :-)

2. Shave Before You Use Shower Gel

Soap and/or any other cleansing agents tend to leave the skin feeling dry. For best results shave before you shower. This is another reason you must use the lather from the shower gel to shave. Stick to the shaving foam and if you are ever out, then you second best option is a hair conditioner.

3. Know The Direction Of Your Hair Growth

Ideally you should shave in the direction of the hair growh and then against it to get the closest shave. However, each one of us is different, so you should shave in the directon that works well for you as there are not rules here. 

4. Skincare Pre/Post Shaving

Moisturise before and after particularly if you are someone who has complained of itchiness.  Post shaving I apply calamine lotion all over my legs, followed by sunscreen.

5. Know When To Change The Blade

You will need to change the blade based on your usage. Replace the blade on the first sign of discomfot.  Also, keep in mind not to leave the razor in a pool of water, store it upright in a dry place.

Hope you find these tips to be helpful.  To know more about my experience with Gillette Venus click here.  If you may have any queries please leave them in the comments section or write to me at sanjana@thepurplewindow.com.

For starters, the Gillette Venus products are readily available. You can shop the razor by clicking here and the cartridge by clicking here. To know more visit the Gillette Venus India Facebook Page by clicking here

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