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The Step Up ~ India's First Digital Mentorship Program

The Step Up ~ India's First Digital Mentorship Program

As if I don’t get enough of a fashion fix with the work that I do; I am also guilty of binge watching shows with a fashion centric theme. I have devoured season after season of Project Runway, while giving my “expert” running commentary of what I think of the contestants’ creations!

It was about time that we got to enjoy the mentor - budding designer drama unfold in the Indian context. I am thrilled to report, that Johnnie Walker is introducing a unique mentorship program called The Step Up that covers not only the field of fashion, but other creative arenas of food and music as well.

The Step Up is a great learning platform for the participants as each group will have accomplished names mentoring them -  Gen-next designer Nikhil Thampi for fashion,  Celebrity Chef Nikhil Chib for food and Indian fusion group MIDIval Punditz’s Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj for music.

During the course of these five part webisodes, nine talented individuals will get the opportunity to learn from the experts in their field and hone their skills. At the end of the program, one winner in each category will walk away with the chance to make a mark for themselves in their respective field.

It goes without saying that I am most excited to watch the Fashion series of The Step Up. Nikhil Thampi needs no introduction; he has dressed a galaxy of stars and is the current red carpet favourite.

I met the designer at the tapping of one of the webisodes and am happy to share that he has been involved with every aspect of the show. He has conceptualised each one of the fashion challenges and will be working closely with the aspiring designers.

In terms of judging critieria, Nikhil Thampi does not have any set guidelines to score the participants and will be making his decisions based on talent and performance of the task at hand.

It was also nice to see him give pointers to the designers whose creations didn’t make The Step Up. Of the three mentees, the one who makes the Step Up will win a six-month apprenticeship with Nikhil Thampi.

The avant-garde designer is also one of the few who is very popular and active on social media, he seemed visibly enthused to be making his foray into this digital space.

The Step Up is India’s first digital mentorship program. Fashion, music and food were the natural choices for Johnnie Walker given their influence on our lifestyle.

From whatever I have seen at the recording, I can assure you this is going to be a fun ride for any fashion enthusiast. The webisodes have kick-started and you can catch them here - www.thestepup.in. 

So mark your calendars and make sure you watch Johnnie Walker’s The Step Up. I know I am going to be sitting on my couch and “playing” judge along side Nikhil Thampi :-)


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