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2015 Favourites ~ Concealers

2015 Favourites ~ Concealers

I know, I know; it is time for January Favourites and I am still stuck on 2015... I have so many products that I have loved using last year that I want to take the time to share them all with you. Also, I don't switch around my beauty products that often or that easily, so I am still sticking to using these beauty favourites. 

The next category I want to feature is concealers. These are super important for me as the only real issue I have with my skin is the under-eye area. Dark Circles - probably the most frequently asked skincare query on the planet. While I haven't found a way to remove or prevent them all together, I have found a few products that help cover them up. 

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

This concealer is totally worthy of all the hype. It is concentrated enough to cover dark pigmentation and is surprisingly light at the same time. It is said to work on most skin-types and  is available in a range of shades. I am using the one in Carmel, which is a medium dark yellow with golden undertones. It lasts all day with minimal creasing and blends easily. I would highly recommend this product. 

Bobbi Brown Peach Colour Corrector

When it was first suggested to me to use a colour corrector under my concealer, I thought it was a bad idea. Layering so many products can't possibly be a good thing. I assumed my face would look cakey, the under eye area will crease and the overall effect will be a mess. 

To my surprise that wasn't the case at all. I use the Bobbi Brown Colour Corrector along with my Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit on days when I have had a long night. The peach colour corrector cancels out the discolouration under my eyes and the concealer goes on to give my skin a uniform look. If you also have bad dark circles, I would suggest giving this combination a try. 

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

I have been using the Bobbi Brown Concealer Kit for almost two years now (I am the colour Golden). It works really well with or without the colour corrector depending on how much coverage I need. I love the fact that there is a setting powder that comes along, which makes this a good travel set. Bobbi Brown has the largest selection of colours that I have come across. Best of all you can match your concealer colour to that of the stick foundation. I am using 'Golden' in both and when I apply them together, the result is a really even complexion. 

P.S. you also have the option of getting a concealer without the powder. 

I have very dry skin under my eyes and all the products listed above have hydrating properties, which is a big plus. 

If there is any concealer that you'd like to recommend, please do mention that in the comments section. :-)

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