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2015 Favourites ~ Foundations

2015 Favourites ~ Foundations

Can't believe it is already the end of the year. It's safe to say that 2015 was the year that I really discovered make-up and was surprised to see how much I enjoyed creating different looks. Not only did I experiment with bold lip colors and dramatic eyes, but I also started using foundation. 

If there was one make-up product that I managed to stay away from for this long, it was foundation. Not because I have flawless skin, but because I could clearly see it on people. I now realize that most often than not, people tend to select the wrong shade or they don't blend it out. 

After graduating from the lip gloss phase (only make-up products I really even owned and used), I still continued to treat make-up as an occupational hazard. I took several short lessons (Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai and NYC) to really learn how to apply it correctly and now it is an intrinsic part of my “get ready with me” routine (see my Snapchat for daily updates; username: SanjanaBanaik).

As I reflect back on another amazing year, I have decided to share a series of posts covering “my favorites.” To start off, here are my favorite foundations: 

BB Cream


To be honest, I have never quite understood the BB/CC cream classifications. Technically, this isn’t a foundation, but for me it belongs on this list. I find BB creams to be quite practical for daily use as it’s a one step process for applying moisturizer, sunblock and foundation. I love the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions BB Cream and it is probably what I am wearing on my face 90% of the times. I have worn it for errands and for events. It is easy to apply as I just use my fingers. Having an SPF 40 is also a big plus specialy when you live in India. I don’t apply any powder on top and it lasts all day. Only gripe is that they don’t have too many colour options so it is a bit difficult to match your shade. I use the shade Medium. 

Everyday Foundation

Chanel Vitalumière Aqua is the first foundation that I ever purchased and it continues to be one of my most preferred for its ultra light feel. It provides light coverage and may not cover all the imperfections, but is leaves the skin looking fresh and natural. If you skin needs an instant wake-me up, then this is the foundation to brighten your face. Also good liquid foundation for a beginner to start with. I apply this using a foundation brush and the shade 60 Beige. 

On The Go Foundation

Lancôme Miracle Cushion is great for when you want to do your make-up on the move. The unique technology ensures that the liquid foundation is stored in a cushion and there is no spillage. The foundation comes with an applicator that has been designed specially for this product. I am Number 4 in the shade Beige Miel. This foundation gives light to medium coverage.  I have done a detailed post on this product and you can read it here.


Stick Foundation

The Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick is one of the easiest foundations to apply. It is creamy yet weightless. Depending on how much time I have, I blend this using my fingers or a foundation brush. I picked this one up after a beach vacation and it is handy for the days I am really tanned. I have the shade Golden. With 25 shades to choose from you are sure to find the right match. 

On Camera Foundation

I was looking for a full-coverage foundation to wear on camera and a make-up expert at Sephora in Soho, NYC recommend the Make Up Forever HD Foundation. This formula is buildable so you can get medium to full coverage based on the application. You need to give this foundation some time to set but once it does it goes on invisible. I prefer to apply this with a beauty blender and use it on days I need to be camera ready. I use the shade N153, however, these classifications have changed since the introduction of the Make Up Forever HD Ultra Foundation. 

 P.S. It looks great on camera and in person as well. 

Powder Foundation

If you are looking for a powder foundation that stays put all-day then you must give the Tarte Amazonian Clay Powder Foundation a try. Of all the products listed in this post this foundation gives the most natural looking finish. It evens out the skin tone and provides light to medium coverage. They recommend you apply it with the Tarte Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation brush, but I am yet to give that a try. I apply it using a Real Techniques buffing brush. A great foundation for everyday use. I use the shade medium neutral. 

Best of The Best Foundation

Of all the different foundations I have tried (including ones not mentioned in this list) if I had to pick one that was the absolute best, it would have to be the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. My parents are my toughest critics and when my mom asks me what I have done to my face, my skin is glowing, it means "my skin is glowing."

As it is quite expensive, I save this for special occasions. I prefer to apply this using a beauty blender. The number 9 is such a perfect match for me that I usually just apply it on the center of my face (where I tend to get red) and then thin it out. This foundation has a dewy finish and I do apply a light dusting on translucent powder on my t-zone. Truly worthy of all the hype.  

P.S. I have purchased each one of these on my own and have used them consistently over an extended period of time. If you are wondering, why I have so many? Well I do feel that you need different ones to suit different occasions and I am never really the same skin color for more than 2-3 months (I am allergic to the sun, but love being outdoors, so I tan like crazy, hence the need for many foundations in many shades).

Also, please note that not all of these were released this year; this is just a list of the ones I have used and loved the most in 2015. 

Two foundations that were released this and I am looking forward to trying in the new year are... Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation as well as Make-Up Forever's Ultra HD Foundation. If you have any other foundations, BB creams or CC creams that you think work well and would like to recommend please do leave them in the comments below. 

What To Keep In Mind When Buying A Foundation

What To Keep In Mind When Buying A Foundation

Work Mode: Clothes, Make-Up, Hair & Accessories

Work Mode: Clothes, Make-Up, Hair & Accessories