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JusDivine ~ Cold-Pressed Juice

JusDivine ~ Cold-Pressed Juice

For a few months now, I have been trying to adopt healthier eating habits. My new "diet" includes a mid-morning vegetable juice, which is a pain to make at home. I have been trying various alternatives to continue having my juices without the big fuss that comes along with preparing them at home everyday. So, when the JusDivine team sent me several flavours of their cold-pressed juices, I was super happy to discover something new. 

JusDivine brings you packaged juices that have been prepared using the "Cold Pressed" technology, which helps to retain the natural minerals, proteins and enzymes of the fruits and vegetables in the juice. 

The JusDivine products are 100% juice and do not include any preservatives. You can keep the juice in the fridge for 3 days without any degradation. I have tried several of the flavours and the while being healthy they are easy on the palette as well specially when compared to the homemade concoctions. You can enjoy these juices as per your requirements and to suit your tastes.

The brand offers 12 unique different flavours including various fruit, vegetable and nut milk combinations. 

1)    Apple, Beetroot, Carrot

2)    Pineapple, Carrot, Ginger

3)  Pineapple, Pear, Ginger, Spinach

4)  Apple, Pineapple, Wheatgrass

5)  Carrot, Beetroot, Spinach, Amla, Ginger

6)   Pineapple, Pomegranate, Celery

7)  Orange

8)  Pineapple

9) Mixed Fruit

10) Almond Chocolate Coconut

11) Almond Mango Coconut

12) Coconut Kokum

You can have the JusDivine delivered at your doorstep by simply ordering online www.jusdivine.com or calling 022-25095333. Select the juice, the size, delivery date and time slot of your preference.   

JusDivine is a brand that will help you consume fruits and vegetables in a distinctive way. Our mission is to make the most nutritious juices accessible to everyone. We have worked hard in developing a menu that is not only nutritious but also suits the Indian palette. The JusDivine you sip, not only checks up on high parameters of taste and nutrition, but also of hygiene and safety.
After you taste our juices, we think you will be as Juspired as we are and it becomes your answer to a happier and healthier living.
— Vishal Jain, CEO, JusDivine

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