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Red Carpet Ready Hair ~ Cannes Style

Red Carpet Ready Hair ~ Cannes Style

TRESemmé’s stylist, Marcus Francis decodes the best red carpet hairstyles spotted at Cannes 2014. Now you can get red carpet ready hair at home. :-)

Rosie Huntington’s straight locks

Rosie Huntington’s Straight Locks

The sleek straight hair looks simple and elegant, while letting the clothes and accessories do all the talking. You can wear this look with western outfits as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or even Indian clothes as Sonam Kapoor did with her Anamika Khanna dhoti saree. 

"Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, an international style and beauty queen, her style is consistently fresh and radiant. Rosie teamed here signature bronzed base and smokey eyes combo with stunning, sleek locks. This poker straight style is easy to achieve at home. Blow dry your hair and brush with a soft paddle brush. Side part your fringe from the middle to give a softer look. To get the shiny, glossy look, wash and condition your hair with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and conditioner," explains TRESemmé’s stylist, Marcus Francis. 


Blake Lively’s Messy Braid

Braids are a personal favourite of mine; from Gossip Girl to the Red Carpet, Blake Lively wears them often.

TRESemmé’s stylist, Marcus Francis, says, "During the 'Grace of Monaco' premiere Blake teamed her silk-chiffon Gucci gown with a tousled braid. This artfully unkempt ponytail was the perfect match for the geometric neckline of her oxblood gown. Wash and condition your hair with TRESemmé Split Remedy shampoo and conditioner. Side part your wet hair braiding the larger section of hair, framing your face. On the crown of your hair, go for a deep part on the opposite side of the braid. Curl the loose strands on either sides of the part and seal with a hair spray."

Frieda Pinto’s Sleek Parted Low Ponytail

Another great red carpet hairstyle. You can achieve this look by following the simple steps. 

 "All you need to is blow dry your hair straight and center part your hair with a fine-toothed comb so that there are no flyaways. Work on the ponytail with a flat iron to give it a polished look."


Rihanna’s Messy Updo 

Not the easiest look to pull off but loads of fun nonetheless. 

"Rihanna teamed her Stella McCartney crop top with a messy 90's updo. Pull the body of your hair into a high bun securing with a tight elastic and leave few strands near your face.  Tease the bun into a mushroom shape by pulling the top out a little. Use a curling wand to curl the pieces of hair you left down around your face. Spray the style with hairspray for extra hold and shine."



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