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Elle Carnival For A Cause ~ Mumbai 2014

Elle Carnival For A Cause ~ Mumbai 2014


Elle put together a fashionable afternoon in Mumbai's Taj Mahal Place hotel on May 18th. Guest enjoyed a delightful event filled with delectable food and irresistible fashions along with activities like tarot-reading, nail art, fortune-telling and innovative games. 

Spotted at the event: Esha Gupta, Amrita Puri, Falguni & Shane Peacock, Neeta & Nishka Lulla, Sapna Bhavnani, Vikram Raizada, Devika & Suresh Bhojwani amongst many others.  

The statistics on breast cancer are alarming. In urban India, it’s one in 30 - a risk we simply cannot ignore. All it takes is a self-examination once a month, and early detection that really does save lives. For 10 years now, ELLE has been increasing awareness and raising funds through the Carnival for a Cause. We want young women, our readers, to be healthy and happy.
— Aishwarya Subramanyum, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE
The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai is proud to join hands with ELLE in their fight against breast cancer. It gives us immense pleasure to be able to support such an important cause and help bring about greater awareness
— Gaurav Pokhariyal, General Manger of The Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Fact Sheet – Breast Cancer

Breast cancer has overtaken cervical cancer as the number one cancer in all women in India. In urban India the risk is one in 30 – just two years ago, it was one in 40. 

In India, 61 per cent of breast cancer patients are between the ages of 35 to 50, compared to patients in the West, who are mostly post-menopausal. 

Fifty-six per cent of Indian patients have large tumors (2 to 5 cm) while in the West, they are usually small tumors. 

The majority of cancers in India are grade III, and 42 per cent have spread to the armpit already, whereas in the West, they are caught in the early stages. 

Seventy-five per cent of breast lumps are benign, yet 50 per cent of women in India report for a check-up in advanced stages.  

Statistics show that lifestyle changes increase our chances to develop breast cancer, but early detection greatly improves survival rates, and awareness is our biggest weapon in this battle. 

Factors that increase risk include:

• Early merarche, late menopause

• Having children after the age of 30 or not having children at all

• Limited or no breast feeding

• Obesity, lack of exercise

• Regular intake of alcohol (more than 3 drinks per week)

• Smoking 

How to catch it in time:

• Self breast exam – monthly from the age of 20

• Clinical breast exam – once every year for women above 35, more often for high-risk groups

• Screening mammography – can discover a lump 2 years before it is felt

• If you are above 45 years of age, get an annual scan

About Ogaan Cancer Foundation and ELLE Breast Cancer Campaign

Started in 2007, the Ogaan Cancer Foundation has been promoting and augmenting efforts for the cause of breast cancer through its flagship publication, ELLE. India’s premier fashion and lifestyle magazine for women, with a circulation of more than 80,000 copies, ELLE has been instrumental in upholding the cause and in disseminating information for the benefit of women through its issues. 

Over the years, the Ogaan Cancer Foundation – a registered non-profit under Section 25 of the Companies Act) – has risen over ` 2.5 cr for the cause. The sum is especially significant because the campaign targets small individual donors – the average donation is under ` 3000. Over the years, over 4000 people have joined this movement by contributing their time, services, products or donations and actress Sonam Kapoor is the cause’s ambassador. 

ELLE hopes that its association and efforts will boost the Foundation’s ability to garner support, both monetary and emotional, ensuring that women, principal readers and also the biggest target group for breast cancer are better equipped and that the community they are surrounded by is sensitised to handle the issue effectively. 

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