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Welcome To The All New ~ The Purple Window

Welcome To The All New ~ The Purple Window


Hello and welcome to The Purple Window reloaded. After two years of fun filled stories, the blog was in need of a serious makeover, so there you have it; the all new and improved (hopefully) THE PURPLE WINDOW.COM. 

I am now working on the blog full-time so you can look forward to a lot more detail oriented stories on all things beautiful. 

Other than the "cosmetic changes" the blog will continue to be a personal diary of the world around me with style being a focus. Along with the earlier fashion stories the blog will now features stories from my travels, yummy meals along with a section on wellness. 

Another new feature on the website is the interactive sidebar that includes all social media links, snapshot of the post of the week, slideshow of celebrity style as well as a look at my endless wish list. 

Lastly, the website is now mobile and iPad compatible. So, you can browse the site on the go. 

Stories from the first version of the website can be found under the ARCHIVES section located on the top navigation bar. 

As always, I love to hear from you so feedback is most welcome. Please do write in to me at sanjana@thepurplewindow.com. 

Happy Reading!

Afternoon With Isabelle Von Boch

Afternoon With Isabelle Von Boch